Welcome To My Blog!!
November 15, 2013
Welcome To My Blog!!

Gorgeous High School Senior
June 30, 2013
Welcome To My Blog!!

 Megan Thank You so much Megan for allowing me the opportunityto photograph your high school senior portrait session. You are so very beautiful!!I also, want to give a big thank you to Emily for agreeing to be a partof the shoot.  You both are absolutely precious.                                                                                                      ...

May 20, 2013
Welcome To My Blog!!

 Baby NeveahOne of the perks of Portrait Photography is doing Newborn Sessions.  I love being around brand new babies, they are soo soft, and they havethat wonderful new baby smell. This little angel was wonderful for her photo session.  She slept almost the entire time. We even caught her smiling!!                                                                                  ...

April 22, 2013
Welcome To My Blog!!

Brandon18 month old Brandon came to the studio for his photo session. While photographing toddlerscan be very exhausting, I always feel a renewed sense of enthusiam and awe for the worldaround me.  I guess their excitement, and wonder is a bit contagious.This little guy put the Eveready bunny to shame. (not just energy but cuteness too!) It was so much fun capturing Brandon while he went about his businessdiscovering, enjoying and just "being"      

Maternity Session with beautiful Destiny
April 13, 2013
Welcome To My Blog!!

Gorgeous!!Ray, Destiny and Shania came to the studio for Destiny's Maternity session and I must say,(as cliche' as it may sound) there is definitely a certain beauty that expectant mothers have. I love these sessions and I get really excited having the opportunity to                                                  create images that will capture and convey the magic and beauty of pregnancy.                                  ...